An App a day keeps the doctor away!!

Posted on: September 21, 2012

Finally after three years of teaching I get my one wish, “to have technology in my classroom!” Yes, I have an e-reader but it is very difficult for children to see the TV from across the room. Well I just received great news that I will be receiving a projector next week. I figured with that news and the new release of the iphone 5, I better explore some educational apps to use in my classroom. I found a few good ipad apps that will help every teacher and engage students! This apps are a great time-saver!

<—— Dropbox

Dropbox is like having an external drive everywhere you go. You can access any of your files, documents, pictures, etc… over a wireless network. The best part about it, is that it is free. Why is it perfect for teachers? How many times do we need to access our lesson plans at home and forget our USB drives in our classroom? With Dropbox you set up an account on your PC, I pad and phone and you can access anything you need from anywhere, as long as there is wireless access. This app is a must need!

<—– Evernote

Evernote is a free app and website that allows you to take notes, snap pictures, create files, voice recordings, to-do lists, grocery lists and so much more. You can access your saved files on the go! Need to find that website you loved, not a problem. You can save it and click on it when you need it. This app allows you to organize everything you need as if you had your own personal binder.

 <—- Book Retriever

The Book Retriever app is like having your own librarian at the palm of your hands. This app allows you to scan and run an inventory of your entire classroom library. Not only can you organize your classroom library but you can also find the Guided reading levels, lexile, Accelerated reader, reading counts and DRA for each book. Students can “check out” a book by using the app and teachers can notify parentsvia Book Retriver. This app is amazing and only $.99!!

<—- Stick Pick

What if I said, you can say goodbye to those name popsicle sticks used for calling on children in the classroom. With this new app you can say goodbye to those ugly sticks and say hello to Stick Pick. On this app you set up your class, or multiple classes and you are able to randomly call on your students. Not only does it keep your students engaged, but it makes your life a lot easier too!

<—- Common Core

We all know what the importance of the new Common Core standards and we also know how big the curriculum is to carry around in paper form. With this app you can access all the common core standards by grade level so that way you can do your plans in the comfort of your own home without hauling around all your paperwork.

<—- Airscketch

Airsketch is like having an interactive whiteboard right from your i-pad. Pull up a website, write on your i-pad and it shows up straight on the webpage. You can set up your ipad to a projector and have the children see what you are drawing on your i-pad.


Edmodo is a wonderful free app that allows students and teachers to participate in discussions, message boards, or quizzes. Students are able to collaborate with one another, keep tabs on their homework and view important announcements from their teacher. It is like an educational version of facebook.


I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I hear “Miss Torres, is this an AR book?” I could have definitely used this app today! The LevelFinder app allows you to search the title of a book, find out the reading level and whether or not it is part of the AR program. The best thing about this app is that no wi-fi is needed, so I can surely use this in my classroom.

Hope you all can use these in your classroom! I will be on the lookout for more as well. Once I get my projector next week I will be sure to update you on how these apps worked out in my classroom! J


1 Response to "An App a day keeps the doctor away!!"

Great apps, I can’t wait to share with my teachers. I especially like the book retriever app. So many teachers ask me to help them with leveling their classroom library. This app will make things so much easier.

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