Classroom Websites!

Posted on: October 11, 2012

Technology is such a huge part of teaching these days. And with the dreadful teacher evaluations, it is a HUGE part of being labeled a “Highly effective” teacher. However, I love using technology in my classroom because the kids love it and have more motivation to learn. I use a bunch of websites in my classroom to reinforce the skills being taught. I also give the parents a list of websites that they can use at home. All of these can be used anywhere with internet access!! Check some of these out and use them in your classroom. I am on the search for more 
PBS Kids is a great website for children, parents and teachers. As a teacher I use this in my classroom for lesson plans, slide shows and videos. I can search by grade, subject and the skill. Not too long ago we were working on punctuation and I was able to pull up a video and the kids loved it. Parents can also navigate this site for homework help, tips, interactive games, child development and educational articles. Children love it because there are hundreds of interactive educational games, music and television shows.
The music box is a great tool for your computer or smartboard. I use this on a daily basis for “quiet time.” The children love it because it is very captivating by the colors and animation. Put it on your Smartboard when students arrive and they will be silent as they watch and listen.
Every teacher needs to use this in their classroom!! I was getting very fed up with my students taking so long to unpack and just write their homework in their planners. I found this websites with tons of fun times to use in the classroom. My students love the “bomb ticker”; you just set up the time and the children will rush to get their stuff done before that bomb goes off. The children love when the bomb goes off and I am a happy teacher because they get their stuff done in a timely manner.
This site has lots of great language arts games and they are even adding math games as well. There are songs, animated video clips and interactive games. Starfall is great because it focuses on letter/sound recognition, early reading, phonics, and reading practice for 1st and 2nd graders. At the computer centers my students use this site daily.
This is a newly found favorite! I love this website because it is dedicated for grades K-5. It is so easy to navigate, you just go to the homepage and select the grade. The computer educational games and divided by subject and skill. My students love this website! So glad I found it 

Tumblebooks is a website I always recommend to my students parents. There are tons of animated, talking picture books to choose from. You can select by grade level, reading level and make your own favorites list. After you listen to the stories, there is a comprehension questions quiz which I use to test their comprehension skills. The children absolutely love it!! There are additional extension activities that you can do with the story as well. You do have to have an account but many schools do, just ask the reading coach at your school!


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