Digital Storytelling

Posted on: October 27, 2012

Digital Storytelling

What is Digital Storytelling?

I didn’t know how convenient and important Digital Storytelling is for students. In this day in age, technology is taking over the world. It is also taking over the minds of our young ones. However, this doesn’t need to be a negative thing! Incorporating technology in the classroom is beneficial in facilitating learning and engaging students. Digital Storytelling is a positive and educational way to incorporate technology both at home and in the classroom. Digital storytelling is similar to traditional storytelling in that they both focus on an explicit topic and a particular point of view. However, Digital stories rely on computer based tools to tell the story. Digital stories are very appealing and engaging to students because they contain a variety of multimedia such as images, text, voice recordings, music, and video clips. These stories do not need to be long and time consuming; Digital stories can range between two to ten minutes long.

Why should students participate in digital storytelling?

There are many positives to having students create their own digital story. They are able to take ownership of their work and make the most of their creative potential. It is fairly easy and user friendly to create a digital story. It improves a variety of skills such as research skills, organization, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Students can develop technology and presentation skills. If students calibrate with one another, they also develop interpersonal skills.

Can ELL and students with special needs benefit?

YESSSSSS!!!!! Digital storytelling is recommended for ESL and special needs students as well. For ESL students, digital stories can be used as an accommodation in the classroom since it is both visual and students can listen to the audio. Teachers can introduce new vocabulary through text and pictures in both English and the native language. Digital stories can be used as a form of communication between the teacher and the ESL student. For ASD or other special needs children digital storytelling can be used as a method to express emotions and a way to communicate as well. Digital stories are used also to improve communication and social skills.

How can I integrate digital storytelling in my classroom??

Children love to talk about themselves more than anything. The great thing about digital storytelling is that it can incorporate more than one subject area, engage and facilitate student learning. We have been working on Personal narratives for writing and problem/solution for comprehension skills. I had my students write a brief personal narrative on a problem they had to overcome. This would be a great topic for a digital story.

Websites you can use for digital Storytelling in your classrooms!

1. Animoto Turn your pictures, music and video clips into a classroom video.
2. Voicethread A collaborative and interactive multimedia. Children can tell a story and collaborate with others.
3. Photobucket Upload your own pictures or images. You can also browse images and pictures to use in a digital story.
4. Prezi Great website to start your digital storytelling experiences. The best part, is that it is very user friendly!!
5. Flickr Upload your own photos or browse thousands of photos based on categories. Great to use for digital storytelling.
6. Web of stories Upload and share your own video story and pass history on from generation to generation.
7. Lego Digital Story Great site to introduce digital storytelling to children.
8. Little Bird Tales Children can expand their creativity and create their own digital story.
9. Carnegie Library for Kids Children can create their own story using different backgrounds, characters, and sounds!
10. Chogger What greater way to engage boys than to create their own comics and develop into a digital story!


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