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As I wrap up the end of the semester and my last blog I started thinking about some things that I still need to work on. My last post discussed my trials and tribulations with technology and this course and how I learned to incorporate new technology into my classroom. Prior to this course I was not familiar with the NETS standards for teachers or students. I did discover that many of these standards are part of my everyday routine. While composing assignments and projects for this class I did find that it was a little difficult to adhere to all the NETS-T standards per assignment. NETS-T standard 4; Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility, is one standard that I still find challenging to meet. This standard demonstrates the importance of addressing the global societal issues, ethical behavior, and promoting safe, responsible social technology interactions.

Even though we use technology in my classroom every day I find that I do not focus on the importance of citation, copyright, navigating “safe” sites and modeling safe internet access. When it comes to computer centers, I have a favorites bar full of websites that we are able to use during class. Usually, I already have the website up and running, focused on a skill that we are working on. In second grade, students really are not taught how to navigate a computer. I do have my students type their writing assignments (which takes centuries it feels like). So teaching legal and ethical behavior on a computer never seemed like a necessity. However, it is something that I do want to teach because although I am monitoring my students in my classroom, there is no guarantee that they are being monitored at home.

Even as adults I learned that I am not a professional at citation and I still struggle with APA format. Although, my students are not writing research papers right now, it does not hurt to introduce to them at least the importance of giving the author credit for their work. I am going to make it a point to teach my students the importance of navigating safe websites. Since it is hard for students to remember educational websites to type in the search bar I thought of an idea in which I would send a letter home to parents with a list of websites to use at home and how to insert them into a bookmark folder. Then, I can demonstrate to my students how to access this folder so they can navigate all their favorite sights safely. With technology being literally all around us, not all parts of it are “child friendly.” Teaching students from a young age what is acceptable and not acceptable and teaching them the purpose of technology can help eliminate the negative aspects in the future.