About Me


My name is Amanda or notoriously referred to as Miss Torres and sometimes (mom, mommy, teacher or my favorite, "Hey you"!) in the classroom. I have spent the last year or so obsessing over teacher blogs and have become completely fascinated by all the creativity, that I decided to create my own! It will take time, in fact A LOT of time to get my blog where I want it to be! So please bear with me along this obstacle. I have been blessed over the last few years to have such wonderful mentors and a strong support system to help me get through my first few years of teaching. On a daily basis I am constantly refreshing my pinterest page. If you have never been on pinterest, once you are done reading my blog, click this link, Pinterest ; it will change your life. and exploring new educators blogs to bring new ideas into the classroom. The one thing everyone knows about me is that I am a Pinterest queen. As much as my boyfriend is annoyed by it, he doesn’t complain when I make scrumptious dinners thanks to my food pinboard.My goal is to now return the favor and help fellow educators bring new ideas into their classroom.

Currently I teach second grade in Longwood, Florida; and I absolutely love it! This is my third year teaching in Seminole county. New York will always have a very special part in my heart because it was where I was born and raised for 18 years. I grew up in a very small town in the suburbs of New york. Coming from a town where there were only 618 houses and 1,800 people to then starting college at the second largest University in the country with almost 60,000, was a complete culture shock to me! However attending the University of Central Florida ( GOOOO KNIGHTS!!) was the hardest yet best decision I have ever made. I left everything I knew to start a new life. I graduated with a BS in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Psychology. In December 2013 I will graduate UCF with a ME.d in Elementary Education. At UCF I have made some unforgettable memories, irreplaceable friends and even met my college sweetheart! 🙂 He too is a Knight and a UCF football alumn! We are both working on our masters and have one troublesome, yet adorable, child. Ok, he may be a four legged furry animal but he is more work than 2 kids combined.

My blog is designed to share my passion and dedication with others with the same philosophy. To vent my troubles and tribulations, or ask and receive advice. I want to provide an abundance of resources beneficial for the classroom and to meet other educators who just love what they do. Come visit again soon and check out my blogs 🙂


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