Today one of my SEVEN YEAR OLD students came up to me and said, “The new iphone 5 came out, so I’m going to get that for my birthday!” I stopped and thought, 7 years old? Really?! What the heck could you be doing with an iPhone!! She was telling me how she calls people and uses FaceTime. When I was that age I only talked to my Grandma! Technology has taken over the lives of everyone and surely has become part of the everyday classroom. 

After talking to my student, I had to sit back and remember what technology was available to me growing up. The biggest thing for us was the am/fm portable cassette player, and the biggest thing was when the portable CD player was introduced. While I was in High school the Apple introduced the ipod and the world has been taken over since. In school we had computers with the black and green screen (no color) and now classrooms have ipads for the entire class. I decided to take a look at how technology has evolved through the years…

Back in 1925, Thomas Edison once said “books will soon be obsolete in schools.” Thomas Edison could not be more right!

In 1960, The Horn Book, was a wooden paddle that had printed lessons, such as the alphabet and a religious verse on it.

In 1870, The Magic Lantern, was the first example of a projector. The Magic Lantern projected images printed on glass plates in a dark room. 

In 1890, The Chalkboard was invented and was considered one of the biggest inventions to classroom technology. 

1925, the Radio was first invented. New York City’s board of education was the first organization to send lessons to school through a radio station. 

The Magic Lantern was replaced with the Overhead Projector in 1930.

The headphones were introduced in 1950. Listening centers were now implemented in the classroom . Headphones are still used in the classroom today for computers and listening centers. 

What would we do without a calculator? In 1970, the handheld calculator was invented  and introduced in the classroom. 

In 1984,the Plato computer was introduced in schools, there was 1 for every 92 students avilable. Now there is about 1 computer for every 4 students. 

In 1999, schools got to say goodbye to the chalkboard and say hello to the Interactive White Board. The interactive whiteboard uses a touch screen, projector and a computer. 

Steve Jobs was one of the most brilliant people in the world! The Apple iPad was introduced in 2010 and has been a success in classrooms across the United States. 

After seeing how much technology has evolved over the years, I am excited yet very nervous to see what the future holds for technology in the classroom. Will teachers even be needed? Will there even be schools open if children can learn from a computer? With anything in life there are always positives and negatives. What are your feelings about technology?


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After reading Dr.McLeod’s quote, ” Are we doing what is best for our students, or are we doing what is most convenient for us?” I couldn’t help but ponder why I chose this profession in the first place. Looking from the outside in, many individuals ask me why I teach when I could have chosen a much more “prosperous” career. Teachers are known to make one of the lowest paying salaries and recently I heard on the radio that it was voted the #3 for the most unhappiest job. Granted I spend a majority of my paychecks on my students and have headaches on a weekly basis, I wouldn’t trade the profession I chose for anything. I do feel that a lot of people do chose teaching because it is “convenient” and why not have a job where you get the summers off. However, these are the same individuals who do not teach for the best interest of the child.

After a long day I find myself stressed trying to think of new ways to teach after reflecting on my lessons. A masters degree is not required but I am doing it to gain more knowledge and bring new ideas into the classroom. I am by no means a perfect teacher but I do try to learn as much as I can to better my teaching. Unfortunately with the pressures of FCAT, observations and student performance pay, teachers are only teaching to “the test.” What happened to wholesome, life changing teaching? What happened to teaching children the necessities they need to go out into the real world? Ask any college graduate about a 401k and stocks and you will be surprised by the lack of knowledge they have about the real world . An inspiring teacher is one that changes the life of a child and despite the rocky road they will do anything in their power to set each child up for success. I couldn’t tell you how many times I hear teachers saying that putting children on a RTI is just more work for the teacher. Is it better to watch the child fail academically and watch their self esteem plummet just to have less paper work? A true teacher does what is best for the child and not what is convenient for them.

The video, “Do you know?” was an eye opener on how much our society has changed in just a few years. Technology has taken over the world and soon will be taking over our jobs as well. My second graders all talk about their ipods, ipads and cell phones and how much their lives at the age of 7 revolve around them. If they are so intrigued by technology maybe educators should make more of an effort to integrate it in the classroom. Technology is not in the least bit easy (it took me forever to learn how to activate this blog) but it is beneficial for children’s learning. Yet you hear so many negative comments about technology coming from teachers. I hear constant negativity regarding new standards and observation requirements but in the end it is to make us a better educator.Learning something new seems to be anything but convient for teachers these days and many of them just chose to ignore the new implications. Each person in this class is here to make a positive impact on the future of America. Everyone is giving up their spare time to learn new things and make a difference. I commend any teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to get out of their “comfort zone,” for that is a quality of a memorable teacher.